Conserve Water at Home

Water conservation is a hot topic now days, here is a guide to easily conserve water at home.

1. Turn off the faucet when you brush your teeth or shave. By doing this alone you can save up to 8-gallons/ day.

2. Take showers instead of baths. It takes around 70-gallons to fill up a bathtub. As long as you don’t take long showers, you can definitely save water by taking showers.

3. Fill your dishwasher. Don’t run ½ loads, as it’s a waste of water, energy and dish detergent.

4. Watering the lawn. Sometimes Mother Nature forces a good lawn watering. Make sure that you don’t waste the water and that you are watering the grass, instead of trying to make the sidewalk grow!

5. Go to a car wash. Washing the car at home can is a giant waste of water. You save up to 100-gallons by going to a car wash.

6. Check for leaks. A drip from your sink can cost you up to 10-gallons/ day of water.

7. Wash full loads of laundry vs. small loads.

8. Look for Energy Star appliances (dishwashers, washing machines, etc.) You can reduce your water consumption by 35% and use 20% less energy than standard appliances.

9. Use a rain barrel. This is great for gardens, as you can essentially recycle your rain water.

Follow these tips to conserve water at home. This will allow you to save on your water bill as well as help out with water shortages.