Improve Your Home’s Value

A house is an expensive investment, so it is important to take care of your home. General maintenance goes a long way in keeping your house functioning as it should. But maintenance aside, where should you put your money if you are trying to improve your home’s value? The simple answer is…. in your kitchen or your bathroom.

The Kitchen- While it would be great to gut your kitchen, install new cabinets, countertops, get all new appliances, etc. that can be a costly proposition! Here are a few ideas to improve your home’s value by redoing the kitchen, without the price tag.

1. Do you have enough counter space? Evaluate your kitchen and see if you can add additional counter space without cramping the kitchen. Look to add an island, or if you have a countertop with an overhang, look to get some barstools for extra seating.
Improve Your Home's Value
2. How do the cabinets look? If the kitchen is well configured and you don’t need additional cabinetry, the easiest thing to do is to reface or just repaint your cabinet doors. This can take a dingy looking kitchen and give it a nice new and modern look! It’s also a cost-effective way to redo your kitchen cabinets.

It’s time to go to the bathroom! Well, not figuratively, but it’s time to look at the bathrooms.

1. Look at the shower. Maybe it’s time to regrout. While it is a laborious project, it is relatively easy to do.

2. Paint- Pick a new color for your walls. While painting bathrooms can be a bit of a pain, doing so will give your bathroom a nice clean look.

3. Fixtures- It is easy to change dingy lighting fixtures, modernize sink faucets, etc. If you don’t want a total redo, this is an easy way to bring your bathroom up to date.

Kitchen and bathroom improvements can give you the best return for your money. We have given you some cost-effective ways to improve your home’s value.

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