Green Home Improvement Projects

It seems like everything is expensive now-a-days, from your water bill to your power bill. With rising costs and global warming, it’s important to look at ways to reduce your consumption and make your home energy efficient. We will look at green home improvement projects.

1. Insulation- Make sure you have insulation in your attic and walls. Insulation will keep your home temperate without burning out your heater or air conditioner.
Green Home Improvement Projects
2. Energy efficient light bulbs- They might cost more, but they last longer and do not use as much energy.

3. Solar- Solar panels/ power used to be something that we would never consider. However, the cost of solar has gone down considerably and we expect that trend to continue. The federal government also is pushing for clean energy, and what is cleaner than our friend The Sun?

4. Windows- Old windows are cost prohibitive, as they are drafty and your AC or heater has to work harder which is expensive. Look to replace old windows with energy efficient windows.

5. Recycle water- Rainwater collection systems can help reduce the amount of water you use. These are great for watering the plants.

6. Check your toilet- Does your toilet make noise? It could be a leaky flapper, causing your water to continually run to fill the bowl. This is a waste of water.

7. Drip Drip- Check your sinks. Drips from sinks are usually caused by worn-out o-rings.

8. Upgrade your Appliances- Older appliances are not energy efficient. The newer appliances are energy efficient and will use less electricity and water than their older counterparts.

With the world changing and costs rising, it’s a good idea to think about ways to conserve energy. We hope that you have enjoyed our ideas for Green Home Improvement Projects.