Staying Sane While Remodeling

When remodeling your home, the projects are generally stressful, full of noise and dust and overall interrupt your usual schedule. Read our tips for staying sane while remodeling and minimize your emotional and physical discomfort!

1. Speed up the process- Try and move the job along as quickly as you can. Obviously you do not want to cut corners or have shoddy work, but if you can help to streamline the process or pay a little extra to have it done- do it!

Contractor Contract
2. Set a realistic timeframe- If a contractor says it will be done in 2-weeks; prepare yourself for 4-weeks. Things happen and it’s best to overshoot than to undershoot.

3. Kitchen remodels- If you are getting your kitchen redone make sure that you setup an area where you can still cook and comfortably eat.

4. Ship out the family- If you are able to get your family out of the house for a week or two, consider it. Why have everyone have to go through the process?

5. Dust- Take extra steps to reduce the dust.

6. Clean up after yourselves- Make sure that your workers clean (sweep and vacuum) as well as put away their tools each day.

Home improvement projects can be a pain, but if you can hang in there you will enjoy the finished product! Use our tips above for staying sane while remodeling.