Cheap Home Redesign Ideas

Home redesign projects don’t always require a hefty investment. We have compiled some cheap home redesign ideas to help you get the most out of your house without the investment!

1. Rearrange your furniture- Change isn’t always a bad thing. Change things up, and it will give your room a fresh look.

2. Change your light switch plates- Most homes start with the cheap plastic light switch plates, that get dirty over time. Buy some metal plates or decorate your current plastic plates.

Cheap Home Redesign Ideas
3. Rearrange your bookshelf- Make sure that the height of the books are aesthetically pleasing, from the tallest books to the smallest books. Also break up books with small pictures, vases, etc.

4. Add some greenery- A nice vase with fresh cut flowers or a plant can spruce up your place. Don’t be afraid to add some life to your home.

5. Get lower watt light bulbs- 20 watt or 50 watt light bulbs can add a warm glow and give your rooms a cozy feel. They will also reduce energy costs.

6. Decorate a try on your coffee table- Give your coffee table a facelift by putting a tray with collectibles or books on it. A little décor can go a long way.

Giving your home a facelift without much money by following our cheap home redesign ideas. There are plenty of simple things you can change in your home to make it more appealing. Use the tips from this article to help inspire change!