Cheap Tips To Update Your Kitchen

Redoing your kitchen is one of the most expensive home improvement projects. It is easy to get carried away and the costs rise quickly when you are looking at new cabinets, appliances, etc. With that being said, here are some cheap tips to update your kitchen! This article will guide you in the right direction to achieving the desired results without investing too much.

Do you have a laminate countertop? Is it proving to be an eyesore? Don’t replace your countertop with a new one; instead, tile over the laminate. The laminate countertop provides the perfect base for you to tile over. Choose ceramic tiles that have a nice design and work for the look of your kitchen.

Cheap Tips To Update Your KitchenTile a backsplash to work with your countertop. A new backsplash can prevent cooking accidents and serves as a great focal point in your kitchen. Use smaller tiles to create a mosaic appearance, and try different colors to create a geometric design. Most hardware stores also sell backsplashes that you can simply stick to the wall.

Mount a nice pot rack to your kitchen’s ceiling if the height allows. It not only provides a great updated look, but also a perfect storage place for your pots. Stainless steel pots look great hanging from wrought iron pot racks.

Replace the hardware on your kitchen cabinets. New knobs can give your old cabinet doors a fresh look.

Install a new faucet for your kitchen sink. You would be amazed on how this one minor update can give your kitchen a new and fresh look.

Install new lighting. Pendant lighting is not only decorative but also an easy update to your kitchen. A small space can seem larger if there is good lighting.

Go into the project with a game plan. A solid game plan will help you budget, allocate your time, as well as choose which updates you want to incorporate into your kitchen.

Improving your kitchen doesn’t have to be an expensive project. There are some simple improvements that anyone can do over one weekend. Use our cheap tips to update your kitchen, and save money while making your kitchen look great!