Minimize the Mess of Home Improvement

Home improvement projects can be messy, as they cause out of control debris, clutter and dust. Follow our tips below to help minimize the mess of home improvement.

1. Contain the job- Make sure that you keep the construction in one area that is clearly marked off. You don’t want the job to spread to other parts of your house.

 minimize the mess of home improvement

2. Protect your floors- Make sure that you cover your carpeted or hardwood floors. You don’t want to gouge, get paint on or destroy your floors.

3. Contain the dust- Cutting into plaster, sheet rocking or sanding joint compound can cause fine dust that can easily spread to other rooms. Seal off of the entrance to your project with plastic taped to the doorway.

4. Go outside- Save the cutting of wood to outside areas. This will ensure that you keep the dust out of the house!

5. Clean daily- Make sure that you sweep or vacuum daily. While it can be a pain, it’s best to set aside 15-minutes to clean at the end of each day.

6. Use the right tools- Make sure that you get a shop-vac with a fine filter to get up dust.

Following these tips will help minimize the mess of home improvement.