Easily Improve the Exterior of Your Home

Don’t forget the curb appeal! When people look to improve their homes, they typically focus on the bathrooms and kitchens. Obviously these are smart areas to invest in, but don’t forget about the outside of your house….. as it is what makes the first impression. Below are some tips to easily improve the exterior of your home.

1. Trim the shrubs- It doesn’t take much time or effort to keep your bushes and shrubs looking good. Take a little time each month to give them some TLC. In return, they will be happy plants, which will shine well on your home.

2. Wash your home- It is a good idea to power wash the outside of your home. Whether it’s the patio, the outside of the home, etc. keep it clean! Power washers can be rented, so it’s an inexpensive way to maintain your home’s appeal.
Easily Improve the Exterior of Your Home
3. Update the appearance- Consider buying new hardware for your front door, or even paint it to keep it fresh. The same can be done with shutters on your home.

4. Let there be light- Look at changing old light fixtures, or even adding garden lights. Solar lights can be a great way to add personality without having to worry about how they are wired.

5. You’re welcome- How do you welcome your visitors? Have you thought about buying a cute welcome mat? Welcome mats can be a nice addition to a boring porch or patio.

6. Look up- Spend some time each year to inspect your roof and gutters. Your roof works hard all year to keep you safe and dry from Mother Nature. Make sure that you do not see any obvious problems, as water leaks can lead to MAJOR damage!

7. Crack kills- If you see cracks in your stoop or porch, get it fixed! Small cracks can lead to major repairs, which are quite costly. If you see cracks, patch up the damaged spots and seal them to avoid water seeping into the cracks.

8. Mulch the beds- Spring time is the perfect season to take your yard back from the cold winter months. Add some mulch to your beds, your flowers and plants will thank you.

9. Maintain your deck- If you have a wooden deck, inspect it once a year. Proper upkeep will ensure that you don’t have to replace it. Sanding and or resealing your deck will allow for proper maintenance, and also will add longevity to your deck’s life.

Following these tips will help you to not only maintain but easily improve the exterior of our home.